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it's been a little while since i did one of these, huh?

music update

royalty free jamboree

a few of my songs are now available to use in safe for work non-commercial web games and animations here on newgrounds!

"safe for work" here refers to things in the E, T, and even M ratings. no A rated stuff for now.

if you use one, i only ask that you please credit me in one form or another.

as long as "conundrym" is mentioned or you link back here somehow, you're all good.

please do not take credit for any music i have created in any shape or form. that's no good.

you also don't have to add me to a project unless i am making a track specifically for that project!

credit in either name or linking back to my profile is preferred more often than not. :D

have fun!

( if this venture fares well, more of my tracks will likely get this treatment in the future ... )

content update

look out!

lately, i've been working on a lot of personal worldbuilding and writing for an idea i have been sitting on for a while. i know for certain that it will not see the light of day anytime soon, though i would like to explore a glimpse into this universe in one way or another once i get the chance.

i have been occasionally discussing it (and related ideas) in passing on my twitter profile. i mainly use twitter as a less serious avenue to ramble and post whatever really comes to mind. one of these days i'm gonna double down and actually make a website of my own for writing lengthy articles and potentially even silly little comics, but for now newgrounds is my best bet for that sort of stuff. i'm not complaining, i quite enjoy writing longform textposts here and should probably do it more often.

i'm also going to take a moment here to remind my ng fans that some the media i post on here (and in relation, my twitter) may potentially contain crude and/or suggestive content at times. i will always make an effort to rate content accordingly-- so please keep your wits about you and exercise caution if you don't like that sort of stuff or are unsuited to be viewing it in the first place.

i'm gonna make an effort to draw more since i have been greatly enjoying illustrating and composing things to accompany my artwork, so that should be fun. other than that i am going to continue to work on stabilizing my personal situation, hopefully figuring things out. thanks for reading.

apologies for no "big" news at the moment, i'll probably have more info of that nature whenever i hit 1k.